Our Services

Watermatic Philippines has a team of experts in process design, detailed design, specification of equipment and bid analysis.

We also have a dedicated team in a retail section for your specific needs for supplies, materials and equipment in water and wastewater systems.

In-house Design, Engineering and Consultancy

  • our services cover in-house design, engineering and consultancy but we are happy to develop projects at any stage
  • we are here to listen, collaborate and come up with the best solutions tailored fit to the client’s needs as well as existing laws and existing regulations

Manufacturing and Assembly

  • our services include world-class assembly of quality components and the highest standards of precision and quality in manufacturing
  • we uphold strict standards in our process controls and quality systems
  • we only use the best assembly technology, processes and highly trained personnel

Installation and Construction

  • our services include fully integrated services for installation and construction which are important aspects in ensuring the security and safety of a new asset or operation
  • we have installation teams who are ready for any installation project and are trained in quality control, safety and project management

Testing and Commissioning

  • our services include testing and commissioning to ensure compliance to statutory standards as well as design and safety requirements
  • we are open to validation and client witnessing of ongoing projects to ensure systems are compliant

Operations, Repair and Maintenance

  • our services include operations, repair and maintenance which are routine services that are crucial to companies to keep systems, equipment and machinery, among others, in working order
  • we conduct regular ORM activities to provide clients with necessary information on reducing downtime, control extra or unnecessary expenditures and track problem areas to avoid/minimize problems

Retail Supply and Delivery

  • our services include efficient retail supply and delivery to improve our client’s services to its customers and contribute to the over-all success of the company
  • we put a premium in quality checking and on-time shipment and delivery

Project Management

  • our services cover Project Management to allow better planning, assessment of risks and maximize the use of resources at any stage of the project
  • we focus on setting clear objectives, budget controls, meeting of Key Performance Indicators and a programmed management of risks

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