Zamboanga Bulk Water Supply Project

River Water to Drinking Water
50,000 cubic meters per day

The Zamboanga Bulk Water Supply Project targets serving the customers—local government units, water districts and other water distributors in order to meet the increasing needs for safe drinking water.

PrimeWater selected WaterMatic to design, build and supply the water treatment facility that will provide clean and safe drinking water at 50,000 cubic meters per day.

WaterMatic used an advanced hydraulic design that allows for energy savings, meeting all of PrimeWater’ s demanding engineering standards.

The treatment process implemented in all of the systems to achieve the required drinking water quality included the following: pre-chlorination by chlorine gas; coagulation and flocculation; clarification by tube settler clarifier; sand filtration and then post chlorination by chlorine gas before delivering the water to the client.