GSS/Philippines Udenna Environmental Services Inc. Emerald Project Cebu

Seawater Desalination
1,000 cubic meters per day

Udenna Environmental Services Inc. requested, in a short period of time, for the processing of seawater into potable water for a resort that was under construction. WaterMatic was selected to design, build and supply the water treatment facility.

After being selected, WaterMatic designed, manufactured and supplied a complete containerized seawater desalination plant to provide clean and safe drinking water with capacity of 1,000 cubic meters per day. The advanced design allows for energy savings, meeting all of client’s demanding engineering standards.

The treatment process implemented in all of the systems to achieve the required drinking water quality includes feed pumps, disc filter, Ultra Filtration membranes, Reverse Osmosis unit equipped with high pressure pump and energy recovery device; remineralization and post chlorination.