Plant Water Recycling System

Seawater Desalination
25,000 cubic meters per day

The Haifa Bay industrial area is one of the largest industrial centers of Israel. For many years plants spilled their wastewater into the Kishon River, until recently, when the authorities started restricting industrial wastewater spillage to the river. This urged the Haifa bay plants to find an economical solution. Renewable Resources started an initiative of wastewater recycling and reuse it   in the plants as process water.

The wastewater fed into the plant is of different sources and in various qualities, so the system operation must be flexible and must be able handle fluctuations in the water quality.

WaterMatic was chosen to design and manufacture a cost-effective plant that will receive industrial wastewater and will treat it into process water in two different qualities: (a) desalinated water from first pass RO and (b) demineralized water with second RO pass, CO2 stripping and Electro De-Ionization (EDI).

The treatment process implemented in all of the systems to achieve the required water quality includes: drain water is mixed with river water; pre-filtration; ultra-filtration; double pass Reverse Osmosis; CO2 removal and EDI.