Kishon River Water Restoration

Polluted River Restoration Project
7,000 cubic meters per day

The Haifa Bay industrial area is one of the largest industrial centers of Israel. Over the years, the nearby Kishon River was contaminated with industrial wastewater, mainly with organic substances.

The industrial plants responsible for the contamination were obliged to fund together with the ministry of environment a restoration project that would treat the sludge settled at bottom of the river.

The sludge treatment was complex due to the high Nitrate and organic content and also since the sludge is dredged from various locations in the river, some are very close to the estuary, with sea water salinity. A Total Nitrogen (TN) value of <10mg/l and TSS of <100mg/l is required.

WaterMatic designed and installed an advanced biological treatment to remove the Nitrate from the water.

The treatment process implemented in the system to achieve the required water quality included sludge dredging from the bottom of the river; sludge dewatering for solid-liquid separation; the water phase is treated biologically to remove Nitrate from the water; aerobic basin for Nitrification; Anoxic basin for Denitrification with Ethanol dosing; secondary clarifier with sludge recirculation and then the treated water can flow back to the river.