Desrruisseaux, St. Lucia Water Treatment Plant

River to Drinking Water Treatment Plant
864 cubic meters per day

The Ministry of Finance, St. Lucia published a tender to supply and install a water treatment plant in Desrruisseaux, St. Lucia. The existing water treatment plant did not meet the standards.

After being selected, WaterMatic designed, manufactured and supplied a complete water treatment system to provide clean and safe drinking water with a capacity of 864 cubic meters per day. The advanced hydraulic design allows for energy savings, meeting all of the client’s engineering standards.

The plant was pre-fabricated in WaterMatic’s factory, and successfully installed and commissioned by WaterMatic’s engineering team.

The treatment process implemented in all of the systems to achieve the required drinking water quality includes coagulation and flocculation, clarification by tube settler clarifier and post chlorination.