Company Profile

Watermatic Philippines (WMP) has its headquarters in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.

It is a joint venture company of Vivant and WaterMatic International and currently, it has projects in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


WaterMatic International (WMI) brings to the partnership its specialization in the field of sea water desalination, process water for the industry and effluent reclamation for reuse.

WMI is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and complies with the strictest planning and execution standards. The technologies applied by WaterMatic are Advanced Clarifiers, Filtration, Membrane separation, EDI, Ion Exchange and Biological treatment (Aerobic and Anaerobic).

It’s main office in located in Caesaria, Israel and its partners and representatives are operating in South America, Africa, South Asia and Europe.

WaterMatic’s team consists of some of the most renowned experts and professionals from the Water and Wastewater Treatment Industry in Israel.

All WaterMatic’s systems consist of the finest building materials, based on superior technology and operated by unique control equipment exclusive to WaterMatic. Its standards assure production continuity with a high level of reliability.

Meanwhile, Vivant Corporation (VVT) is a holding company publicly listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange with investments in various subsidiary companies engaged in electric power generation (both renewable and conventional), electric power distribution and retail electricity supply. It owns 36 percent of Visayan Electric Co.

VVT is owned and represented by the Garcia-Escaño Family of Cebu with the aim of bringing excellence to industries that improve everyday living.

In the 1920s, the company diversified its interests, from shipping and trade, into electric power distribution.

In 2003, the Family acquired 99% of, a company listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Subsequently, the Family’s holdings in Hijos de F. Escaño Inc. (HDFE) and Visayan Electric were infused to, which was later renamed Vivant Corporation

It also purchased Cebu Private Power Corporation (CPPC), a 70 MW diesel power plant, and Delta P Incorporated (Delta P), a 16 MW diesel fueled power plant in Palawan, among others.

With its close to 10 projects in the Philippines, WMP aims to serve more of the needs of local government units and industries with its new brand of service that relies on the combined strengths of both Vivant and WaterMatic International.

At the heart of WMP’s service—be it an engineering design, customer support or a piece of equipment—is the desire to contribute to a better Philippines, most especially, and a better world as a whole.